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This locamotive can do without the power line.

There wasn't much color in this original photo. ..or much of a story. So I changed the background to give some color, for the eyes to delve into, and to add a curiosity factor, for the mind to wonder about.

This magazine cover scan had an inset of a man in it, as you can see. This inset was sucessfully removed, and the resulting void filled in. Cracks and blemishes on your old photo can be removed just as easily. This women, Clara Barton, was responsible for organizing the Red Cross.

This was done for a friend I've come to know, who is likely to be imprisoned for quite some time. Her only freedom is in her mind and it is easier for her to imagine herself elsewhere, if she has a photograph to sink into.

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Times change. .. and some memories are best left behind.

Drooping Wings

No Tail or Antennae

Two imperfect images can be combined to make a complete picture, sometimes.

This little fellow's parents got divourced, so he ask me to make a separate photo for each of them, as they each love him--but not each other.   That infant is now 6ft. 2" tall / 240 lbs.


$10 minimum

Most retouchers are charging $60-$70 per hour these days, however I can do most minor repairs for the minimum $10 service fee. Feel free to send me a low-resolution scan, photocopy, or otherwise contact me for an estimate.

Time Requirements:

The work itself often takes less than a half hour--however, I am out in the woods five or six days at a time, and may not receive your message immediately. Also, Wal Mart asks a 5 work-day shipping time. So if you want a fast job, please contact one of the following labs listed below . Please be advised that they do charge quite a bit more.


Right now I do not have a printer comparable to what the high-dollar restoration labs have, so I just sentd my finished work to Wal Mart, and pass the savings on to you. Therefore, you can decide whether it is more convenient to pick up your order at a local Wal Mart store, or have it shipped to your mailing address. I will vouch for the quality of Wal Mart prints, though. I cannot tell their digital prints from photographicly processed prints with a magnifying glass. They are supurb! So Shipping is up to you: Pick up the finished work at Wal Mart for free or have it delivered to your mail box for a small shipping fee.

If you have questions, or wish to e-mail me an image for evaluatioin and cost estimate, contact me at the following e-mail address.


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