Are You Tired of Feeling Old?

"Feel Like a Kid, Again."

Peter Pan was one of my earliest roll models, and I really haven't tried too hard to grow up, since--and that, in part has kept me from growing old. My body, however, constantly takes a beating, in the every-day life, of a working-class hero, and I have been looking for a way to ease my pain, ever since I quit drinking alcohol, over 20 years ago.

At first, I did not recognize the object of my quest, when I first saw it, because, all I saw, was my long-time, fishing-buddy, Fred, coming over to say, "Hi."   I did notice that Fred wasn't walking quite-so-bent-over from his surgery-related pains, however, and I went on to comment about that. He told me he had found a new kind of "Super-Nutrient" juice, that had gotten him feeling much younger, and had taken much of his stiffness and pain away.

That sounded real encouraging. ..until he said the juice was a brown sea weed extract. ..and that didn't sound too tasty, to me. .. He had said he was representing some kind of health-food drink company, or something, and that didn't make it sound any better. I'm not really a health-food fanatic. But, the weather was hot, and I was thirsty--so I gave it a try. I was quite surprised when it was the best tasting juice I'd ever encountered in 58 years!

He said the juice was called Limu Moui [pronounced: Lee-mu Moo-ey]. ..which kind-of sounded like it must come from a Peruvian Cow, or something--but it tasted great and it perked me up right away. I didn't worry, too much, what it was called. .But since I brought it up, Limu Moui is Tongan for brown sea weed. [Seaweed, Brown. ..actually] From which, Fucoidan is extracted--the stuff that lets the Tongans live to be quite old.

The Tongan Islands are known as the Friendly Islands, and it is easy to see why, after you start drinking Limu, regularly. [it takes several days--but then, you notice that you are in a good mood. . ..for the second day in a row! ..and then a third! ..and you realize that the only thing that is different in your life. the Limu. ..and your new-found smile. ..and a positive, "Can Do!" attitude, to go with it. In short--you are quite likely to start feeling young, again! I wasn't looking for, or expecting all of this, when I first tried it. I was just trying to humor a good friend. But I had to admit: It really hit the spot, on a hot, day!

. .. but I still didn't realize that I had just found the fountain of youth!!!

So I wasn't really expecting to change my life, so much as to humor my neighbor, from down the road, and see what he was talking about, when he left me the last two inches of a bottle. I said I'd give it a try, but I didn't really have anything that I thought needed healing. My shoulder was aching, again, but I was pretty used that that, and figured that is what "getting old" felt like.

Much to my surprise, two days later, I woke up smiling and noticed that my left shoulder didn't hurt--for the first time in a year and a half--since I strained it, working in the yard. I had been taking capsules designed to build cartilage, for 8 months, without noticing much of any lasting change. I could get it to stop hurting--until I used it again. But after starting the Limu, this last summer, I was able to build a second story addition on my cabin, that, I had dismissed as un-do-able, by myself. I found that two healthy swigs of Limu, after a meal, could get me up that ladder and running back-and-forth / up-and-down the roof, in a matter of minutes--without the nerve-vibration that caffeine can cause. I really feel younger, again--and, I'm not the only one.

Another good buddy of mine [Rock-a-Billy Artist, J. R. Jones] has made the switch from alcohol to Limu Moui, and we made this little Limu Jingle, that you are listening to. [If your browser's security settings will allow it ] We both think that Limu Original juice is a fabulous replacement for booze. ...and happy enough to sing about it.

I've got to warn you though: After the shipping and heavy taxation [on the Original Limu], Limu Moui can get to be expensive stuff. But it has made me quite productive. ..enough to cover the expense, and then some. So forgive me for sounding like an advertisement. I didn't know the kinds of pain I had, were fixable--and now I feel like a walking, talking miracle!

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Life doesn't have to be too short!


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