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This web site is an anthology of my work, so I've given you several different versions of myself. I can't keep on top of a "current" photo.   One of them is just newer than the rest.    Each era of my life has been influenced by different personalities and lifestyles, and each has had its own interpretation of the world.    I left Indiana at the age of 21, looking for a home, and this collection of images has come into existance by virtue of my finding one, in the wooded hills of northern Arkansas, USA, some twenty years later.

I've got to warn you, that I am a "Photographer" by default.   That is, I label myself with the more inclusive "Artist".    However, all of my artwork, is abstract shapes and colors--or a contorted reality--and experience has shown me most people feel more comfortable looking at things they recognise.    Some people just do not see faces in abstract shapes I create, or feel soothed by mere shapes and colors.    For them, I take photographs of God's Artwork:   Butterflies, Flowers, and the Scenic Beauty of this Wonderful Planet.



I've called the Ozarks "Home", for 20 years, now, and finally met a woman I am proud to call my partner and companion.    Her name is Laureen and, she is a devotee of Krishna, a follower of Jesus, and the wellspring of my love.    She likes Rocks, and enjoys being a cheap date.    We have spent the last six years building a home, close to a big lake and several small creeks, which we never tire of exploring.    Laureen is quite handy at packing a lunch and can keep you healthy, with her knowledge of edible wild plants, if that runs out.    An even more valuable talent, is her ability to drive a jeep through mud holes and creeks, leaving me free to watch the scenery for photographs, and jump out the passenger door, without worrying about parking.    I love her for constantly picking up the trash and litter other people leave behind.    The world is a more beautiful place for her being here. ..in more ways than one.

I apologize for the small format of this web site, in its current form.    I originally chose the size of the "large" photos while using an early lap-top with a tiny 13" screen.    I was new to computers, and it was a whim to see what a computer could do, at the time.    I do not know when I will have the time to re-scan all of those early photos.    I now have a digital camera, and its definition is so acute as to render this whole collection obsolete. ..so re-scanning something that is semi-fuzzy to begin with, is hard to "get around to", when it is more fun looking for new photographs, in the newer format.    If you are interested in larger versions of any of my images, or need some design work done for music CD's, feel free to drop me an e-mail.    Comments on the music are welcome.    I call myself "zippy" because it often takes me a week or more, to get back to the computer--so, perhaps my sense of humor is warped--but the spammers had got ahold of my last e-mail address. Anyway, don't feel neglected if you don't get a response right away--I'll get back to you, when I get the chance.


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